Jan 4, 2017

Finding the right balance – sunlight & water

Your bonsai tree needs a balance of both sunlight and water in order for it to grow effectively. Plants use sunlight to produce energy and without it, they will weaken and eventually die. Trees also need water; to cool the leaves, exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide and to move nutrients up the tree.

How much sunlight?
We recommend placing your tree in full sun, or at least as much sun as possible, all year round. Under the circumstance that your tree is sick or perhaps temporarily weakened from re-potting, we advise placing your Bonsai in dappled sunlight. Once it shows signs of new growth and is looking more recovered, place your tree back into full sunlight gradually.
How much water?
The amount of water depends on several factors including species of tree, size of tree, size of pot, time of year, soil mixture and climate. If you aren’t sure about how much your tree needs we can assist you. Give us a call on 0416 241 930 to discuss your Bonsai’s individual needs.

When to water?
There are some basic guidelines that will help you to gauge when your Bonsai needs to be watered. The first rule is to make sure to water only when your tree’s soil starts to get slightly dry. Dip your finger around 1cm deep to feel whether the soil is becoming dry or not. The second rule is to water based on your trees individual needs. You should only water your Bonsai when it requires replenishment, rather than on a set routine.

How to water?
Collected rainwater works best, as there are no added chemicals, normal tap water is also fine. Your bonsai needs water soaked through the entire root system, so water it with a fine nozzle watering can. This prevents the soil from being washed away and allows the water to get to the roots. Keep watering until the water runs out of the drainage holes. We advise repeating this process a few minutes later.

For further assistance in providing sunlight and water to your Bonsai, message Boutique Bonsai today.