Dec 4, 2016

Fertilising Bonsai

The need for fertilising bonsai is no different than any other container plant and is critical to the growth of your tree. In order for your Bonsai to survive, regular fertilisation is crucial. Whereas other trees are able to get nutrients by extending their root system, Bonsai trees are unable to do so. As they are in small pots it is harder for the soil to replenish nutritional content. Therefore, we as gardeners need to assist them with this by fertilising during the entire growth season of the tree.

What is Fertiliser?

Fertiliser has three basic elements, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Each of these has a role in developing the growth of your Bonsai and together they help deliver results.

– Nitrogen (N) is partly responsible for the green colour of the leaves as well as elongation and amount of new growth.

– Phosphorus (P) ensures roots are healthy and is necessary for cell division.

– Potassium (K) is associated with healthy cell activity and is what your tree needs to grow fruits and flowers.

Each tree needs a different ratio of NPK so if you are unsure about how much your bonsai, needs please feel free to contact us so that your plant can reach it’s full potential.

What fertiliser should you use?

It is very important to choose the right fertilizer for your Bonsai. We recommend the use of an all-round organic fertiliser such as Powerfeed or Nitrosol. These particular products are readily available from garden centres and hardware retailers such a Bunnings.

How to fertilise Bonsai trees?

Refer to the quantities and frequency stated on the fertiliser’s packaging so that you don’t over or under fertilise your tree. For trees that are not in training, you can reduce the recommended quantity by half. You can also do this if you want to encourage fine and compact growth.

If you require assistance fertilising your Bonsai, or have any questions on the art of bonsai, please call Boutique Bonsai on 0416 241 930.