Nov 4, 2016

5 Lessons: Growing Your Bonsai

Bonsai, which means to be planted in a container, is an art form derived from ancient Chinese practices and redeveloped under Japanese Buddhism. Overtime Bonsai tree growing has become an art form and popular hobby for those who seek serenity and peace. Here are five lessons you can learn from growing your own bonsai tree.


Bonsai trees require dedicated care taking. From watering to pruning your plant, it is your responsibility to ensure that the plant is nourished and is growing. Therefore you must be committed in your ability nurture your plant and research the best ways to ensure its growth.


The life of your Bonsai tree will be determined by your ability to nurture it. Throughout your Bonsai’s life, you will be the one shaping and pruning it. As a result, you will be able to monitor the success of your efforts over time. Furthermore your Bonsai will be a beautiful focal point in your home and is a great reassurance of your hard work.

3.Stress relief

Devoting time and energy towards caring for your bonsai tree, means that you are inadvertently taking a break from your busy lifestyle and routine. As a result, the time spent on your Bonsai is completely yours and allows you to take a break from your busy lifestyle.


Bonsai plants need regular attention over time. Unlike other hobbies, Bonsai’s are living, breathing things that require your constant attention. This requires an immense amount of patience and dedication by you, teaching you the benefits of commitment and hard work.


Growing your own Bonsai tree is a great way to for you to form a therapeutic connection between yourself, nature and the earth.  Throughout your journey with your Bonsai, you will be better able to understand the simplicity of growing a plant while also being exposed to the complexity of the earth and what is needed for an organism to survive.

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